Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are everywhere right now and growing more and more in popularity (I’ve managed to acquire quite a collection in just a few months). Here are just a few examples of the amazing vegan pins available.

Vegan Care Bear – Robin Le Riche Apparel

I’m in love with everything at Robin Le Riche Apparel, but this pin takes the biscuit. I don’t think a vegan pin could be more perfect. Look at that little avocado! 25% of all proceeds at RLRA are donated to The People’s Picnic.


Vegan Lapel Pin – Goose & Rabbit

Simplicity at it’s finest, this vegan pin is available from Goose & Rabbit, a small online store based in Ireland. They have a whole selection of gorgeous products promoting veganism and raising awareness for animal rights.


Oreo Pin – Jessica Jumpers @ Etsy

If you’re a vegan junk food addict like me, you’ll love this pin just as much as you love Oreos (that’s a lot). This design is also available as a badge rather than a pin if that’s more your thing. Check out Jessica’s amazing Sister’s not Sausages enamel pin too.


AQUAFABA Pin – Pretty Candy Pin Company @ Etsy

Every vegan should know about aquafaba and it’s miraculous qualities. For those who don’t know, aquafaba is the water in which legumes have been cooked and literally translates to bean water. It can be used to replace so many things in cooking and baking and is most often used to make vegan meringues. This pin ships from the US but without the crazy shipping fees- check out the Nooch pin in this store too!


Chubby Avocado – JennifairyW @ Etsy

Another one for the avocado lovers, this pin is adorable and there’s even matching stickers available in the store!

Vegan Tattoo Heart Pin – All Glamour No Guts @ Etsy

Just one of many amazing vegan products from the amazing All Glamour No Guts.


Cow Pin – Jessica Woodhouse @ Etsy

Who doesn’t love cows?? This pin and other cuties are available from Jessica Woodhouse. Check out her shore for other gorgeous vegan products.


Cruelty Free Pin – Pin Head Uk @ Etsy

I’m absolutey in love with this pin and the fox lapel pin from Pin Head. Extra love because they’re Liverpool based.


Jane Doe Pin – Beetroot Bomb @ Etsy

I love this pin and the message behind it. Check out the V for Vegan Vendetta enamel pin too!


Eat Pussy It’s Vegan – Pinch Co. @ Etsy

I couldn’t not include this glorious pin (sorry dad).



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