Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea or coffee? Maybe hot chocolate’s your thing? Either way, you can’t go wrong buying someone a mug. Throw in some fancy tea or coffee, or vegan chocolate and marshmallows and you’ve got yourself a nice little gift set. Just remember to avoid any mugs made from bone china!

Because I’m Not a Baby Cow- The Vegan Kind

One of the most popular vegan mugs out there right now, with plenty of others to choose from in The Vegan Kind store. Simple and to the point.

Vegan Unicorn – Chiara Lascura Shop @

A little pricier when ordering from the UK because this mug ships from Italy, but I absolutely adore this design. There’s a whole bunch of other awesome designs in the Chiara Lascura shop as well as a few vegan pins.

Minimalistic Two-Tone Mug by ZoollGraphics @

A gorgeously simple minimalist vegan mug with the choice to add a pop of colour.

Make Mine Dairy Free – Viva!

This is a retro style enamel mug from Viva! Founded in 1994, Viva! is a registered charity that is campaigning for a vegan world.

Don’t Eat Us You Sick F**k – All Glamour No Guts

For the foul-mouthed vegan there is this gorgeous little mug from All Glamour No Guts. They donate 10% of all their profit to Hillside Animal Sanctuary which makes this mug even better.

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