Tote Bags

I’m a sucker for a tote bag and currently have far too many- but that’s not a bad thing, right? I always have one tucked away in my bag and I no longer buy the nasty plastic counterpart. Totes are also super cute. There’s a design to suit every vegan and it’s great knowing you’re doing something for the planet. There are dozens of amazing designs to choose from but here are a few of my favourites from Etsy UK.

Vegan Tote – Southfield Designs

A gorgeous and simple design on a 100% cotton tote bag. Currently £7.99 with free UK delivery.


Compassion Cow – Totely Vegan

Just one of the gorgeous designs from the aptly named Totely Vegan. 100% cotton and fairtrade, this tote is £13.50 plus £3.50 delivery within the UK.

Animal Liberation – Munky Mate

The perfect tote for any vegan activist and available in nine different colours. £10.00 with free UK delivery.


Plant Powered – Robot Zombie

The perfect tote to carry your veggies home in, currently £10.80 (normally £12.00) and £2.50 UK delivery.


We Are Someone – Divine Tofu

Just one of many amazing designs from Divine Tofu, this tote is available in high quality for £20.00 or misprinted for £10.00. £3.00 UK delivery.


Child of Seitan – Alchemy Inc.

The perfect bag for anyone who loves seitan and puns (but maybe not for anyone with a gluten intolerance). £8.99 plus £1.25 UK shipping.

Veganhead Tote – Tough Nut Vegans

Great for any metalhead vegans who also appreciate a good pun and some gardening. £10.00 plus £2.30 UK shipping.


Vegan Biker – Tough Nut Vegans

Another from Tough Nut Vegans because I just loved this design. £10.00 plus £2.30 UK shipping.


Plant Protein – Uncaptive

Perfect for gym bunnies, nutritionists, wholefood vegans or just any vegan who is sick of being asked “where do you get your protein tho?”. £5.99 with free UK shipping.


Endangered Bear – Uncaptive

Another from Uncaptive because I absolutely love this style. £5.99 with free UK shipping.


Adopt Don’t Shop – All Glamour No Guts

This design is gorgeous but also carries an important message, and 10% of the profit goes to Hillside Animal Sanctuary. £10.00 plus £3.50 UK delivery.



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