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I’ve heard so many jokes about vegans not washing which has always baffled me- there are vegan soaps and shower gels everywhere, and the people cracking the jokes will probably have at least one in their bathroom. There are more vegan options in supermarkets than ever before and so many independant businesses dedicated to cruelty-free beauty. When you actually stop to think about it, why wouldn’t you want a cruelty-free body wash that doesn’t contain any animal products? Here are five vegan shower gels that if you haven’t used, you’ll definitely recognise.

Original Source

Who hasn’t used an Original Source shower gel? The majority of these products porudly boast a Vegan Society symbol on the front, even the moiturising shower milks are vegan.

I Love… Shower Gels

These shower gels come in a range of scrummy fruity scents with body lotions and body butters to match. Available to buy from Superdrug, Boots, Argos and The Bath & Body Shop, I’ve also see these pop up in TK Maxx and Primark too.

Treacle Moon Bath & Shower Gels

I adore the Treacle Moon range and have to stop and smell them all if I come across them when out shopping. With the exception of The Honeycomb Secret, all of the Treacle Moon products are vegan and are usually found at Tesco.

Lush Products

Lush offers a whole range of vegan products from skin care to make up and is dedicated to fighting animal testing. Look out for the vegan symbol on products and if you want to smell like jelly babies, The Comforter shower cream is right up your street.

Superdrug Shower Gels

Superdrug shower gels come in a whole range of gorgeous scents and are usually on offer so it’s worth stocking up on these little cruelty-free bargains.

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