Vegan Cheese is “real” cheese!

What’s cheesier than mac and cheese? Not a lot!

Vegan cheeses have made some amazing leaps recently, with supermarkets producing their own ranges and chain restaurants using it for vegan pizzas. There’s more brands and varieties than ever before and they’re constantly getting better. You can even buy ready-made vegan mac and cheese from Tesco and Sainsbury’s now but nothing beats homemade.

There are two ways I like to make mac and cheese- Lazy and Luxury. I don’t have exact recipes for either because I’m always just throwing them together but they’re easy enough to recreate.

Lazy isn’t really that lazy but you don’t have to do much more than put stuff in a pan and stir, sooo. For this I use Free & Easy’s Cheese Sauce, almond or soy milk, a cheese spread (usually Sheese cheddar style), nooch, and any vegan cheese I have to hand. Make the cheese sauce using your chosen plant milk and once that’s nice and smooth add a dollop of cheese spread and your nooch, mix it all together and add more milk for a thinner consistancy, if desired. If I have any vegan cheese I’ll melt a little in at the end. I also tend to add some paprika and garlic powder for extra flavour, and some turmeric to add a little more yellow to the colour. That’s it! Add your cooked pasta and serve.

Luxury is all about cashews! Chuck a cup of them in a food processor and blitz them until they reach a nut butter consistency, then add some cooled (but still hot) boiled water to loosen it up. Add about a third of a cup of nooch, garlic and paprika (or whatever spices you fancy) and blend until smooth and creamy. Add more water to get it to whatever thickness you fancy then add it to a pan, heat it up and mix in your cooked pasta. This version is really creamy and decadent. Serve and enjoy!

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