But where do you get your protein?

Are you really a vegan if you’ve never been asked this question? When I first went vegetarian in my teens this was all I heard from my dad, it’s not good for you, you need protein! Didn’t matter that the only meat I ate before going veggie was overly proccessed crap full of god knows what that’s now been proven again and again to be bad for your health, increasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few, because without it where would I get my protein? I’ll tell you where.

Well.. everywhere. Protein is in practically everything I eat. Wether it’s processed faux meats or nutritious wholefoods, there’s protein and plenty of it. There’s over 40g of protein in my breakfast mentioned here! I tend to stick to wholemeal breads and wholegrains and they typically have higher protein contents than their refined counterparts. I’m also a self confessed nut lover and as well as being full of healthy fats they’re also full of- you guessed it- protein. Seeds too! And lets not get me started on beans and legumes.. how amazing are lentils though?

Anyway, the ruler of all vegan protein has got to be tofu, hasn’t it? Sure there’s vegan foods with more protein but tofu’s always been there for vegans, so versitile and willingly waiting to be made into a stir fry or scramble or chocolate mousse. There’s an art to good tofu, it needs to be pressed and marinated otherwise you’re going to end up with something flavourless and sloppy (which is why a lot of people insist they don’t like tofu!). One of my favourite kitchen gadgets it my tofu press, it’s just incredible, but I’m also a huge fan of prepressed tofu (Tofoo being my current fave) for when I haven’t planned my meals in advance. So, here’s a few of my favourite things to do with tofu: tofu curry, tofu scramble and tofu halloumi.

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