Since going vegan I’ve not actually been to an event where I’ve been catered for, for which I’m eternally grateful because I’ve seen some of the things vegans have been served in these situations and I could not put on a happy face while being served a plate of raw tomatoes and cucumbers. That being said, I’ve seen some amazing dishes thrown together for vegans with one caterer even making the entire buffet that was being served vegan! My husband on the other hand has been to his share of catered events and has unfortunately not been on of the lucky ones, but I suppose he’ll be enternally grateful for chips.

He was once served a baked potato and salad. A plain baked potato- as in no butter, nothing- and a plain salad with no dressing. That is quite possible one of the saddest meals I could imagine. What’s more annoying is that with one simple extra it would’ve been made ten times better.

A baked potato and baked beans isn’t even a weird vegan dish, it’s probably on every menu in the UK. Even all of my local pizza places offer a baked potato with beans. Make it even fancier and do a five bean chilli, Heinz make tins of it now! I decided to make it even fancier though..

Crispy potato skins filled with cheesy mash, topped with even more cheese, served with beans and broccoli, drizzled with even more cheese and sprinkled with peri peri salt.

Prick your potato all over and microwave it for about 5-7 minutes then rub all over with oil and salt and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes, gas mark 6. Take the potato out, cut it in half and scoop out the insides. Mash it up and add some cheese- I used Sheese cheddar style spread and Tesco’s jalapeno and chilli cheddar block (both made by Bute Island). Pop the mash back into the potato skins, add a little grated cheese on top and pop back into the oven. Cook your brocolli and beans and once they’re done the potatoes should be crisp and ready. I drizzled mine with a homemade cashew cheese sauce 🙂

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