Conversion meal

You don’t win friends with salad and you don’t convert people to veganism with it either. A lot of people still don’t realise that vegan junk food exists and that it’s also amazing so obviously a junk food meal is the way to go, right? This recipe is one of my absolute favourites and I get so excited when I smell it cooking ha! I’ve made this for a whole bunch of people (mainly omnis!) who’ve said it tastes even better than the real thing and they’re always asking me to make more. So what is it? Vegan kebab of course!

This picture is obviously of my husbands kebab because mine is usually packed full of kebab meat and hot sauce and nothing else. Salad, pah! For this amazing vegan kebab I used the Buddist Chef’s seitan recipe with a couple of extra ingredients, dried oregano and cumin, adding them in with the other herbs. Once the seitan is cooked and cooled, I chop off the bottom and stand it on it’s side, then I slice off strips that look like kebab meat.

I then proceed to annoy everyone on snapchat with it.

At this point it’s good to go! Pop it in a pita and devour or pop it in the fridge and have it later, it usually lasts about a week but we tend to have gotten through it way before then. I reheat in a pan with a little oil because I like it a little crispy 🙂

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