Junk food forever!

As much as I want to love salads and raw veggies and all things green, I just can’t do it. I do try, I eat my veggies and at least contemplate ordering a side salad but there is no doubt about it, I’m 100% a junk food vegan at heart.

So it’s a good thing there’s so much vegan junk food.

One of the great things about going vegan is discovering all the amazing junk food. Every vegan festival I go to is absolutely flooded with stalls full of cakes and cookies and brownies and chocolate- it is heavenly- but more recently there’s even been pizza, ice cream, burgers, hot dogs and shakes, not to mention the explosion of indie vegan businesses making vegan cheese!

The junk food I missed most when I first went vegan was pizza. You could make your own or you could order a cheeseless pizza (my husband was not on board with this option). Finding the right vegan cheese for pizza was hard- some didn’t melt, or they melted too much and went gooey. Plus they were a pain to get your hands on! Now vegan pizza is everywhere. Pizza Express, Zizzi and Ask Italian all offer vegan pizza and Pizza Hut is currently trialing it in London. More and more independent restaurants and cafes are offering it on their menus and Sainsbury’s even started selling a ready-made frozen vegan pizza. Times are changing!

My favourite vegan pizza discovery mixes up shop bought with homemade. The pizza bases at the Sainsbury’s Make Your Own Pizza counters are vegan, and so is the tomato sauce. All you have to do is order one cheeseless with all the veggies you want, take it home, top it with cheese and bake! We topped ours with Sainsbury’s meat free mince, Tesco’s vegan chicken pieces and Follow Your Heart parmesan.. It was the best pizza I’ve had, in like, forever.


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