Re-inventing the veggie option

One of my favourite pastimes with my husband was having a lazy Sunday morning and going out for a Full English- not so easy to do now! Although vegetarian options are appearing everywhere, vegan options seem to be scarce and the majority of places that do offer a vegan breakfast have made it weirdly healthy or have thrown in some falafel. Not that I don’t love falafel, just not when I’m craving a greasy fry up.

Here’s why it bothers me so much.

  • Bread- vegan
  • Beans – vegan
  • Hashbrowns – vegan
  • Mushrooms – vegan
  • Tomatoes – vegan
  • Mushrooms – vegan
  • Ketchup – vegan
  • HP Sauce – vegan

Which only leaves sausage, bacon, egg and butter to veganise. While I can forgive somewhere for not having vegan bacon (because a good vegan bacon is hard to find) there’s no excuse for no sausages or butter! Vegan butters are everywhere and there’s more vegan sausages than ever before. Tofu scramble is so good and takes about the same amount of effort as scrambled eggs to make. And if you really wanna go the extra mile there’s even vegan black pudding! Sort it out Wetherspoons.

Until there’s proper vegan breakfasts readily available everywhere though, I’ll make do with my home cooked versions instead 😉

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