Secret ingredient

It’s not so much a secret because I will rave about my cheese sauce to anyone within earshot but they’re always amazing to find out what it’s made from- cashew nuts.

Anyone who loves discovering new magic vegan foods will already know the incredible cheesy powers of the cashew nut but for those who aren’t vegan and don’t cook, cashew cheese is a mind blowing experience.

See? Magic.

I love this sauce more than any cheese I’ve ever loved in my entire life.

You can use it on or in almost anything and it makes things taste a zillion times more incredible. Use it as a dip for nachos, drizzle it on chilli or a baked potato, add it to pasta dishes, lash it on some chips, mix it into a wrap, drench your veggies, the possibilities are endless. If you haven’t already tried cashew cheese, you need to. It will change your life!

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